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Personal Training is ABOUT YOU!! Simple! Your goals, your unique needs, and yes, your unique limitations. Personal training is not a cookie cutter routine designed for the masses, nor it is a class that breaks things down to lowest common denominator.

Personal Training is about taking your goals and your limitations and using a scientifcally proven approach, designing a workout that you can perform to work towards meeting those goals.

Every program I design is unique just as every person I train is unique. I enjoy training every single one and I am thrilled when they see the results they want.

Quantitative goals like weight loss, muscle growth and sports performance are seen every day by my personal training clients.

They all also get to have the "not so easy to measure" benefits like more energy, less prone to injury, better balance and for many, a serious improvement in quality of life. is about helping you build the best body that you can have both in fitness and in health but it is also about changing lives and for that, I am grateful to be able to do this EVERY DAY!!

(for more details on personal training, click here to visit my personal training page)


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Living and working in Douglasville, Georgia and being the ONLY Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist in Douglasville makes me very passionate about personal training. I enjoy designing a unique workout for my personal training clients that is unique to their goals whether that goal be weight loss, sports training, fitness, injury prevention or rehabilitation or performance. For personal training Douglasville and sports training in Georgia, I have the expertise to design a workout for everyone from beginner to the professional athlete, I have what you need to succeed. With 15 years in the Armed Services (Marines and Army) as well as extensive training in the fields of sports fitness and personal training, I have what you NEED to get you in shape and to be the healthiest that you could possibly be. Check out my fitness blog for articles I have written as well as musings, tips and info from the fitness world and my personal training experience. Check out my fitness tips page for constantly changing fitness tips and ideas to help you achieve the fitness you desire. Check out my new fitness podcast on my fitness blog for Douglasville's ONLY fitness podcast. And of course, for Sports Specific Training and Personal Training advice, check out my monthly article from the chapel hill news. It is an article I write for the local magazine in beautiful Douglasville, Georgia where I live and work. It is an ideal suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. I wish you the best of health and fitness.